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Wicotiz card is a prepaid Mastercard® without bank account and available for everyone. With this card, you can receive and send money, pay bills, withdraw money, shop online or in stores.
Compared to other prepaid cards, the Wicotiz card is associated with an online account and has an exclusive IBAN code.

The Wicotiz card is a simple and secure payment method.

The Wicotiz MasterCard is available to everybody.

- No income verification

- No credit check

You can order up to 4 cards.

The card will be sent to you by post. You will receive it within 6 working days.

Wicotiz takes every precaution to maintain the integrity of your personal data.
Your information is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party without your express consent.
They are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
Confidential data is verified and processed by qualified employees in line with the European banking regulations.

2 cards according to your needs, your desires :

- Wicotiz Mastercad Standard is available without proof of identity and domicile.
- To obtain the Wicotiz Mastercard Advanced you must provide a proof of address and a copy of your ID document.

It’s about personal due diligence checks as per Anti-Money Laundering regulatory requirements.

You can send it to us by mail :

As long as we don’t receive a copy of your ID card and proof of address, your card cannot benefit from the maximum amounts of the Wicotiz MasterCard Advanced.

Yes you can anytime upgrade your Wicotiz MasterCard Standard to a Wicotiz MasterCard Advanced by simply sending us proof of identity and address to
The upgrade to the Wicotiz MasterCard advanced card is done within 24 hours.

Top up your card easily via :
- Credit / debit card in MyWicotiz page
- Mobile application
- Bank transfer
- Wicotiz card to Wicotiz card transfer

The top up by bank transfer and transfer between Wicotiz Card to Wicotiz card are free

Everybody can reload your card.
Top up your card without charge via the IBAN code and communicate it to people wishing to make a payment on your card, for example your employer, your friends or family members.

- 2 to 4 days by bank transfer.

For an immediate payment to your card, use one of our methods of direct payment :

- via debit card or credit card, fee are added.
- From Wicotiz card to Wicotiz card transfer.

The remittances between wicotiz cards is free.

If your limit is reached, the excess amount is returned to the sender.

- Merchant payment in the stores affiliated to the Mastercard network- 32 million points of sale - 210 countries
- E-commerce transaction, safe and secure way - 3D secure
- Receive and send money
- Cash withdrawal in ATMs

We guarantee the confidentiality and security of your transactions with your Wicotiz MasterCard credit card.
Wicotiz and PFS complies with European banking regulations.
Your Wicotiz MasterCard is totally independent of your classic bank card or bank account.

The Wicotiz card is equipped with the latest technologies in terms of banking protection. They are equipped with 3D secure code technology (MasterCard® Securecode tm). This authentication system ensures that you are the holder of the credit card used in online transactions.

YES, for store purchases the Wicotiz MasterCard is equipped with the EMV certified electronic chip.
All transactions are secured by the Mastercard network.

Send money free of charge and immediately to your friends and family all over the world thanks to our Wicotiz app.
Wicotiz offers you the possibility of ordering the second card, to give to the person of your choice in orde to be able to transfer money free of charge from your main card.

Yes, your card can be used in 210 countries worldwide. In case of a transaction in foreign currency (Euro excluding), you pay a fee of 3 % corresponding to the exchange rates.

You can at any time consult the history of transactions made with the Wicotiz Mastercard and all the transfers made on your mobile application or Mywicotiz on the web.

An automated teller machine.

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment integration initiative of the European Union to help simplify the process of bank transfers.

The SEPA countries :

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden and United Kingdom.

In case of loss / theft / fraudulent transactions you have the same protection as with your traditional bank card.
You can block it immediately 24h / 24h, 7/7 online on MyWicotiz or by sending LOCK followed by space and the last 4 digits to +32(0)460205235 and avoid any fraudulent use of your card.
The money available on your card will be transferred to your new Wicotiz Mastercard®.

Send PIN followed by space and the last 8 digits to +32(0)460205235.

To block your Card : Send Lock followed by space and the last 4 digits to +32(0)460205235.

To unblock your Card : Send unLock to +32(0)460205235.

Send BAL Send Lock followed by space and the last 4 digits to +32(0)460205235.

Your money is safe. All cardholder funds are safeguarded as per FCA regulations. The balance of the customer is deposited with Barclays Bank.

You can get it at any time

You can apply for your card if you live in the SEPA zone.

Yes, you can order secondary cards.
Secondary cards will be allowed when the main cardholder is based in the Sepa area.

The Secondary Card will be linked to the Primary Card. The Secondary Card can be loaded by the Primary Card for Money Remittance.

Via MyWicotiz page, you can discover all the benefits reserved for Wicotiz members.

You can see the limits by clicking here

You can see the fees by clicking here

Wicotiz allows to pool funds for a common cause.
It might be for a birthday, collective gift, a holiday, a marriage, a birth,… you can easily create a common pot and collect funds which will be immediately available on the card. The organizer can monitor who has already participated.

Each member of the pot can view at any time the amount of the pot.
All donations are safely secured and the process is transparent so everyone can check the campaign progressing