One Card. Infinite Possibilities.

Ever dreamed of getting tons of advantages everywhere you go? Stop dreaming, discover
the Wicotiz Mastercard.

A simple and fast way to manage your card

Wicotiz provides you with a clean and intuitive mobile app to manage your primary and secondary cards. Top them up from your mobile & web, by bank transfer or directly from card to card.

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Send & Receive

For free. Thanks to your IBAN code, you are able to send and receive funds on your Wicotiz Mastercard

In-store payment

Buy what you want in more than 36 million points of sale across 210 countries thanks to the Mastercard network.

Feel privileged

Get exclusive offers from our partners: Apple, Gamma, Pizza Hut, Zalando... and many more.

Withdraw Funds

Wherever you are, withdraw funds in more than 2 millions ATMs all around the world.

Online shopping

Safely make purchases online with your Wicotiz Mastercard, from any merchant.

Manage everything from your smartphone

With our iOS & Android app, manage all your expenses and your account from your smartphone.

A powerful and secured system

Mastercard offers a world-wide and renowned network. More than 2 millions ATMs are at your disposal around the world to allow you to withdraw cash at the best rates.

If you’re more of an online/offline purchaser, Wicotiz Mastercard offers 3DSecure : one of the most advanced and secured payment system to date. No more worries about purchasing online, no more stress... just enjoy your purchasing experience

Wicotiz Members

Wicotiz Members feel privileged and benefit from advantages in a wide variety of Partners : Apple, Gamma, Carrefour, Zalando...
While being privileged, they save money and time - in Belgium and abroad. Your relatives will be jealous of you ? Certainly, but then just ask for a second-ary card so they can benefit from the same exclusive offers as you.

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